Dr. La-Doris McClaney

Real Estate Mogul, Renowned Author, and Philanthropist

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Dr. La-Doris McClaney is a real estate mogul, philanthropist, and author. Her life began humbly in Troy, Alabama. With hard work, education, and pure grit, she has amassed a real estate empire worth tens of millions of dollars.  Her life story is compelling and offers hope to anyone who believes in the power of God.


God, I Listened Too

Nestled between a wooden shack with no electricity or running water, and a multi-million-dollar mansion situated next door to movie stars, is a life story built on hard work, grit, and commitment. This life, in all its complexity and beauty, is my life. It began humbly with me, my sister, and my parents having a collective desire to enjoy the abundance promised to us by the Creator. A life better from the one from which we descended. One where we could build upon a foundation of service, sacrifice, and education and grow a lasting legacy.



Manifested Entertainment Management

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